Lead UX Researcher and Designer


The client engaged us to research and explore an alternative approach to their application's navigation, to accomodate future expansions of their offerings in a more scalable framework. This piece of work aligned closely with their goal of redefining their customer's experience across their channels.

We conducted a series of competitor reviews, contextual enquiries, first click tests and usability studies to determine their current state, and to benchmark them against similar offerings within the market. From this research we were able to determine clear themes in what they were doing well and where they can place focus within their strategy to address areas of improvement over a two year strategy. 


Research  >  Synthesise  >  Define


  • Competitor analysis of other banking mobile applications

  • Development of low fidelity prototypes

  • Quantitative research: Usability testing of current app navigation with participants

  • Qualitative research: First click testing of current app navigation with participants

  • Develop a custom heuristic evaluation, aligned to Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design and customised with specific criteria to evaluate mobile applications

  • Conducted the heuristic evaluation of the app and validated assessment against user experience peers

  • Provided clear design recommendations to address navigation, interaction and UI issues impacting the user's experience 


  • Hannah Bignold - Service Designer
  • Savannah Dunwell - Strategy Analyst
  • Nicky Watson (myself) - UX Designer 


  • Sketch and Flinto for wireframing and prototyping

  • Silverback screen and video capture tool

  • Quicktime for device use recording

  • iOS devices for testing

  • Trello for task management